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‘I discovered Talk 2 Dan through a publication called Pocket Magazine. I then contacted Dan through the information stated on the magazine and asked him for advice in regards to jobs and finding placements. Dan then gave me a small list of companies appropriate to the field I want to be in. Within the next 24 hours, I secured a job at one of the suggested companies, New Wave Magazine. I now work as a music journalist for them providing music content for their online platform which I am thoroughly enjoying. I would highly recommend Dan as he helped me find a job at a  

publication that fits my profile perfectly.                          

Client- Elle Evans [Music Journalist]

After reaching out to Dan through his TALK 2 DAN Instagram page, I found his services very useful. Due to Dan being very punctual and passionate about helping you in finding yourself within the industry and ensuring your CV is to the best of your ability. Dan broke down the areas where you can improve yourself through ensuring you know why and how you can improve yourself. After the guidance given with your CV, Dan informs you of the best ways to break into the industry and where to go to fulfil your career. I am very grateful I came across TALK 2 DAN and it’s been a pleasure working with him.


My 1-1 session with Dan was amazing. I felt as though he gave my CV the severe cleanse it needed. Together we changed it completely and now I am more confident to go out there and apply for media jobs. Prior to our session, I did lose a lot of confidence when it came to applying for jobs; the fear of rejection literally took over. Now with my new CV, I am more confident to apply for media jobs and I believe in my CV so much so I know how to handle the rejection. I also feel empowered to go out there and film my own content, not once caring about whether I have the ability to film something outstanding or not because at the end of the day, its a learning process. Honestly I know how robotic this may all sound, but if I felt popping I would have persuaded you with a video testimonial. But literally what I'm trying to say is that this is a very authentic truth. If you are stuck feeling like you are losing your passion within media or struggling to get your foot in the door, TALK 2 DAN. Literally, I have realised so much with this help.


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Young People Insight

Daniel was invited to London College of Fashion to be a guest speaker at a recent event in partnership with the organisation Success Talks. Daniel provided an inspirational and thought-provoking talk for our students on finding out what's important to them and how to act on it. Our students are often at a pivotal point in their lives; they know where their passions and talents lie but do not necessarily know the next steps to take and Daniel offered some practical advice on how to turn ambition into reality. Daniel was very relatable for our students as he drew on his own experiences and talked honestly and openly about the personal challenges he has faced and how he has used them to drive himself towards reaching his full potential. Post event feedback from our students was very positive and they felt very motivated by his advice and support. One student commented “all the speakers had something great to say but Daniel stood out to me the most because of the confidence, energy and drive he had, trying to get someone similar for future talks.” I would not hesitate to recommend Daniel as a speaker and we wish him lots of luck with his future projects.

London College of Fashion, UAL.

As someone who comes from a technical background (working on a lot of personal projects and occasional freelance work), the opportunity to work with Dan taught me the importance of networking. Having the skills is important – being able to use them for paid work is what matters. Whilst helping Dan with his documentary, we faced a problem trying to find somewhere to park. Dan approached a couple of people introduce himself and ask; in doing so he found out that these people wanted to produce a few music videos but did not have the contacts required to get it made. In a few short minutes, Dan struck up a proposal for them to go through him. This is also where I was reminded the importance of having business cards to give out, as you never know who might need a camera operator/editor/etc! Skills are one thing; however networking is the means to actually getting work.

Erbil Shaban [Videographer]

Talk 2 Dan gave a motivational speech at our Graduation ceremony for Kingston college. After that day, I followed him on social media of which I noticed that he tweeted about the ITV Insight Programme, so I liked the post. He reached out to me and congratulated me on graduating and encouraged me to apply for the Insight programme. With his help and advice, he totally helped me rebuild my CV, ready for the media industry. Without his encouragement and guidance, I wouldn't have been able to gain a place on the ITV Insight programme and I feel more confident in applying for jobs and work experience.

Emily Tierney [Hair & Make-up Artist]

I went to uni and realised it wasn’t for me and that I’d be better suited for an apprenticeship role. I wanted to find a marketing apprenticeship in a media related company. I couldn’t find anything that was ticking the boxes until I came across @talk_2_dan Instagram and saw a variety of many interesting well paid media apprenticeships and other opportunities posted on his page that I never saw on other apprenticeship websites including .gov search engine. So I saw an opportunity with a leading British TV channel and thought let me go for it. Dan gave support for my interview and then checked in to make sure everything went alright. Couple weeks later I then received a phone call saying I got the apprenticeship. Without me finding the @talk_2_dan Instagram, I would have never known about this opportunity which will now jump start my career. Grateful for the moral support he gave me along the way too.

Alim Montell [Social Media Apprentice]

Client- Shalome Aaliyah [Aspiring spoken word poet]

Client- Claudia Amoah

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